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Private Spanish Lessons to Improve Your Spanish Speaking Skills.

Learn to Speak Spanish, Private Spanish Lessons in Antigua

Based in Antigua, Guatemala, Antonio is a Spanish language teacher with many years of experience teaching private Spanish lessons to students from around the world. Antonio caters to students of all levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced. The objective for all levels is for the student to make steady progress in speaking Spanish.

Antonio is an experienced Spanish teacher with a passion to share his culture through language lessons. These lessons are structured to your style of learning and to your level of Spanish; from complete beginner to more  advanced learners.  Not only will you get to study Spanish in Guatemala, but you will also learn so much about the local history and way of life - Antigua Guatemala is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with vibrant social activities and a fusion of different cultures. 

Antonio offers one-on-one Spanish lessons, in a relaxed atmosphere - choose from a popular cafe, a bakery, central park, or a walking-tour of the numerous attractions in Antigua. Individual Spanish lessons are $5.00 per hour, some limitations may apply.

Bienvenido - enjoy your visit to Antigua Guatemala, the "Land of Eternal Spring."

Private Spanish lessons in Antigua Guatemala
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