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Museums in Antigua

Visit Antigua's Historical, Cultural & Art Museums

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Explore Guatemala's History & Culture through Museums

Santo Domingo Museum
Location: 3a Calle Oriente 28 A, Antigua Guatemala
Santo Domingo is the largest and richest monastery in Antigua. The museum was founded in 1542, or the same year as the city was established. Construction began with the set of impressive monuments, including a large church (completed in 1666). The museum is full of colonial and contemporary art, archeology artifacts, handicrafts, and even a pharmacological...
Casa Popeone
Location: 6ª calle Oriente, n° 16, Antigua Guatemala
Casa Popenoe is a private residence that is open for public viewing; the house was built in 1636 for the Spanish judge Don Luis de las Infantas Mendoza. Today, the home illustrates wonderfully how wealthy people lived in the colonial era. The house was partly destroyed by an 18th century earthquake, but has since undergone a full scale restoration at the beginning of the 20th...
Museum of Colonial Art
Location: 5th Calle Oriente No. 5, Antigua Guatemala
Situated in the town center, Museum of Colonial Art is a fantastic piece of 16th and 17th century colonial art in regards to architecture. Inside, the building features a lovely collection of art, as Tomas de Merlo and Cristobal Villalpando are among the authors of the paintings located inside the exhibit...
The Jade Museum
Location: 4a. Calle oriente No. 34, Antigua Guatemala
Jade was a rare and valued material in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica cultures, and the only source from which they could obtain jade was in Guatemala. Jade was largely an elite good, usually shaped into symbolic figurines. This Museum opened in 1974 to display its unique collection, as well as Mayan Art...
Museo del Libro Antiguo / Ancient Book Museum
Location: Portal del Ayuntamiento, No. 6, Antigua Guatemala
Guatemala’s first printing press was established here in 1660. In 1956, the building became home to the Museum del Libro Antiguo. Among the exhibits, visitors will find a copy of the original printing press along with an overview of the history of printing, the will of Hermano Pedro - Guatemala’s most well known religious character - as well as a room dedicated to the process of making marbled paper...
Museum of Santiago de los Caballeros
Location: 4ta. Calle Poniente bajos del Ayuntamiento, Antigua Guatemala
The Museum of Santiago de los Caballeros is located in front of Central Park, at City Hall. The museum offers five exhibition rooms with ancient paintings and sculptures. In one of these rooms, tourists may observe a frame representing the old city, as well as witness other important changes to the city. Swords, cannons, and muskets are also exhibited here...
Museo Casa del Tejido / Textile Museum
Location: 1a. Calle Poniente # 51, Antigua Guatemala
Learn about Guatemala's unique cultural heritage of ancient weaving and native dress; the museum has exceptional displays from all regions and also has textiles available for purchase...
Choco Museo / Chocolate Musem
Location: 4ta. Calle Oriente #14, Antigua Guatemala
The Choco Museo ing Antigua is 1.5 blocks from the central square of the colonial city. It is the perfect stop if you want to relax in our patio with one of our specialties after visiting all the churches and ruins in the city - take a Cacao Plantation Tour or participate in a chocolate workshop...
Coffee and Mayan Músic Museums
Location: Final Calle del Cementerio, Jocotenango Guatemala
A few minutes from Antigua, the museum includes guided tours through the Pre-Hispanic, Contemporary and La Cofradía exhibits, a collection of traditional musical instruments, dance and ritual costumes and artifacts, and a collection of paintings by Mayan tzutuhil artist Miguel Chavez Petzey. The coffee museum illustrates the history of processing and marketing Coffee production in Guatemala...